Core Concepts
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Core Concepts

The FunnelEnvy platform allows B2B marketers to easily create audiences based on data sources and deploy those audiences to their campaign platforms in real time. As the “marketing data layer” this allows you to move prospects through the customer journey faster through more relevant, cross-channel campaigns.

The core concepts in FunnelEnvy to understand are:

  • Audiences - The customer segments & stages associated with the customer journey based based on sources of data (collections)

  • Collections - A group of related data attributes. These can be Integrated, Custom or Premium collections.

  • Integrated Collections - External sources of data (e.g. Demandbase, Marketo, Eloqua)

  • Custom Collections - Custom collections can contain any relevant data to be used for classification that is specific to the business. Often used for behavioral actions - these could indicate the content that a user has visited on the site.

  • Premium Collections - You may have premium collections as part of your subscription, such as the “Account” collection which has firmograpghic information.

  • Attributes - The fields within a collection that can be used to classify a user into an audience.

  • Audience Destinations - Once audiences are defined they can be sent to “destinations”, which are generally the platforms where audiences are defined (e.g. Optimizely or AdRoll).

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