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Managing Audiences and Destinations
Managing Audiences and Destinations
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Understanding the Interface

Once your account is provisioned you can login to the FunnelEnvy platform using the provided username and token. The default view is the Audiences page. You can navigate to the other areas of FunnelEnvy using the links on the left.

The Audience View

The audiences list contains all of the audiences in your account. New audiences may be created with the "Add New Audience" button, and existing audiences can be edited or related with the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons. The number of visitors that FunnelEnvy has bucketed into each audience is visible from this.

When setting up audiences you will be confronted with the Condition Builder, which lets you create the classification conditions for the audience. The dropdowns in the interface let you select "Collections" and "Attributes" for the audiences and the rules allow you to set values. By creating conditions and condition groups you have a significant amount of flexibility to configure audiences based on your business rules.

Audience Destinations

The default Audience Destinations page shows a list of configured destinations for your audiences. From this page you can Edit, Delete or add a new Audience Destination.

When adding or editing an audience destination you can add a name and third party synchronizations: The audience destinations conditions let you associate multiple audiences to a destination.

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