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The FunnelEnvy account collection allows you to create audiences based on company and industry data (collective known as firmographic) data. Like every other collection in the platform you can use it in the audience condition builder along with other integrated or custom collections that are in your account.

Anonymous firmographic data is a core building block of Account Based Marketing, where organizations (and not just individuals) are targeted and measured by marketing campaigns.

How it Works

Companies, especially larger ones often lease IP blocks. When a user comes to the website the IP address is passed through to the server in an HTTP header.

FunnelEnvy provides firmographic data by looking up the IP address in a large database that maps these addresses to company information, which is cross referenced to other data points including geo location, industry, revenue and social media profiles (see the fully available list of data fields below).

In this way it is similar to solutions like Demandbase (also integrated into FunnelEnvy) but does not require you to purchase a separate 3rd party platform.

It's important to note that the firmographic data is available for anonymous traffic - users that have never visited the site before and do not have a record in a marketing automation or other platform.

Filtering out ISPs

For any IP based lookup solution some percentage of the results are going to return the Internet Service Provider (ISP) rather than the actual company. Although the exact percentage varies by target market and company size, FunnelEnvy allows you to filter out ISP traffic from your audiences using the IsISP flag.

Use Cases

There are many cases where using anonymous firmographic data to target visitors is useful for a B2B marketer. Using FunnelEnvy you could:

  • Tailor the website content to a specific industry using the Optimizely audience destination

  • Put visitors in a company that is above a specific revenue threshold in a specific retargeting segment / campaign and bid higher for their clicks.

  • Target anyone with onsite or retargeting campaigns that come from specific "named" accounts.

  • Use firmographic data to better insights in analytics on the various types of companies engaging on your site.

Using The Account Collection

The Account collection is a premium feature of the platform and lets you use target anonymous traffic based on firmographic characteristics (e.g. company or industry).

Available Firmographic Data

The following attributes are available in the Account Collection:

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