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Adding Account Data to your Forms with Form Enrichment
Adding Account Data to your Forms with Form Enrichment
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Form enrichment will allow you to inject FunnelEnvy's account data into html forms on your site in order to give your marketing automation or lead management software access to the data that FunnelEnvy provides.

How it Works

When a form is enriched, FunnelEnvy inserts (prepends) hidden fields with any of the account data values for a particular user. These will be passed through to the server as if they were entered by the user and can be mapped to any back end marketing automation or CRM system.

Forms to be enriched are identified by a CSS Selector. Using selector specificity you can therefore target single forms on a page, forms across pages or almost anything in between.

Please see "Marketo forms" in the section below for a specific example.


1. Have FunnelEnvy account data enabled

2. Have a form on your website

Here's how to configure FunnelEnvy to enrich a form on your site:

1. Locate the form on your site

Go to your site and locate the form that you want to populate with Account data. Once you've found the form get the CSS selector for the form. In Google Chrome you can do this by right licking on the form, then clicking "inspect." In the window that opens locate the form element, right click it, and select "Copy" > "Copy Selector" as shown below.

Note that this method will get you a selector specific to this particular element (form), so if you want the enrichment to span forms you may need to adjust it accordingly.

2. Add the form to the FunnelEnvy "Form Enrichment" section.

In FunnelEnvy navigate to Tools -> Form Enrichment or type in in the browser. Click "Add new Form" then enter a descriptive name for your form and paste the selector from Section 1 into the box labeled "Form Selector." Now click "Save Form."

3. Add your fields to the form

Once you've added the form, you can add Fields that will automatically be populated by the FunnelEnvy snippet when a visitor comes to your site. To add a field click the "Add Field" button, then select one of the Account fields from the dropdown on the left, enter the name that the field should be given when it is added to your form. Once you've added all of the fields that you're interested in, click "Save Form." FunnelEnvy will now begin inserting those fields into the form on your site.

Example: Marketo Lead Forms

A common use case for customers using Marketo is to capture firmographic information on the lead to help the inside sales team or trigger certain workflows. Using the process above it's simple to enrich any Marketo forms on the site.

Marketo forms generally have a consistent class attribute on the form (mktoForm). Using the form selector form.mktoForm you can therefore select all Marketo forms for enrichment as shown below.

You can then map these hidden fields to Marketo custom fields as described in this guide.

Once you've saved the form enrichment in FunnelEnvy and mapped the fields within Marketo any lead that fills out the form should be populated with the account attributes (assuming FunnelEnvy has been able to identify them with an account).

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