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How do FunnelEnvy campaigns affect search engine rankings?
How do FunnelEnvy campaigns affect search engine rankings?
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Although the specifics factors used by search engines in their ranking algorithms are closely guarded industry secrets, we believe that FunnelEnvy Campaigns have no impact and could actually have a net positive impact on organic search results.

FunnelEnvy Campaigns run using Javascript in the browser, which is the same approach used by the other popular testing and personalization solutions including Google Optimize. Back in 2012 Google affirmed the use of website testing as a legitimate practice that would not affect search results and that, coupled with the subsequent release of Google Optimize suggest that client side website personalization is an accepted practice.

Furthermore there is evidence that visitor behavior and task accomplishment (e.g. Searcher Task Accomplishment) is an increasingly strong signal for search engines. Effective campaigns from FunnelEnvy should increase these factors - including engagement and conversions. Consequently effective personalization can lead to an improvement in search results.

Other considerations related to search and FunnelEnvy campaigns include:


Cloaking is a method of attempting to manipulate search results by identifying search engine crawling bots and displaying content or URLs accordingly. This is considered a violation by Google and other search engines and may lead to penalties including removal from the search index.

FunnelEnvy Campaigns are targeted experiences based on groups of visitors and not search engine bots and are therefore not considered cloaking.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content refers to significant blocks of content that match or are appreciably similar either within a domain or across domains. FunnelEnvy Campaigns do not produce duplicate content as they run "in page" and are served from the same URL as the original page.

Page Performance

Site speed is an important ranking factor for search engines, and Google has officially incorporated it into search rankings since 2010. FunnelEnvy Campaigns are rendered asynchronously and therefore should not affect page load time. Additionally, we work with Amazon Web Services and deliver content directly through its globally distributed CDN servers to minimize script load latency.

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