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Retarget Audiences in Google AdWords
Retarget Audiences in Google AdWords
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This Article will show you how to show retargeting ads to your website visitors based on what audience they have been classified into in the platform. FunnelEnvy does not yet have a native integration with Google AdWords, but you send Google Analytics events for visitors based on their audiences and then create a retargeting list in a linked AdWords account based on those events.

What You Will Need

Step 1 - Create an Audience with a Google Analytics Event

To fire the events into Google Analytics, you will need to setup an Audience that sends an event to Google Analytics every time someone from your audience visits the site. In the "Universal Analytics" tab of the destination make sure the "Send as Event" box checked. You can use any values for "Category", "Event" and "Action". In the next step you will create a remarketing list from these values.

Step 2 - Create Remarketing List in Google Analytics

Now that you're tracking the classified users in Google Analytics, you can create a new remarketing list for your linked AdWords Account. To access the Google Analytics Remarketing List feature, navigate to the "Admin" Section of you Google Analytics account and select "Remarketing" then "Audiences" under the "Property" Column.

In this section select your desired Google Analytics view and Google AdWords account and create a new segment using the following Settings:

The resulting menu should look like the following

The new remarketing audience will now appear in your Google AdWords Account, and you can target this audience in your AdWords Campaigns.

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