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Contact Audience & Data
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The Contact audience let's you create audience based on contact level (individual) data. It uses a 3rd party cookie-based data source (Bombora) focused on B2B intent.

Using the Contact audience is very similar to other audiences using the condition builder. Simply specify the attributes that define the audience and when a visitor comes to the site they will be evaluated against these conditions and bucketed into the audience if all conditions evaluate to TRUE.

When entering values for the conditions a drop down / autocmoplete list will appear showing all possible values that can be selected for each attribute.

The following data elements are available in the Contact Audience:

  • Functional Area - The job (functional) role of the contact (e.g. HR, Finance, Information Technology). Note that the list also contains sub categories (e.g. Information Technology > Hardware).

  • Professional Groups - Any professional groups that the user has been associated with.

  • Seniority - The seniority of the visitor (e.g. Board, CSuite, Management)

  • Predictive Category - The predictive intent categories for the visitor.

  • Topics - Predictive intent topics for the visitor.

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