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Creating Audiences from a Marketo List
Creating Audiences from a Marketo List
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FunnelEnvy provides the ability to create audiences by importing Marketo Lists. These audiences are synchronized to the lists automatically, and updated on a batch basis every few hours.

Here are the steps to import a Marketo List to FunnelEnvy.

  • On the audiences page click on "Add Audience"

  • You will see all the available lists for import after you select Marketo as the Audience Type and Imported as the subtype.

  • Select the lists you want to import and click Import.

Please note it may take a few hours for your list to fully import.

Important: If you're also importing accounts from Salesforce, be sure to complete that process before your Marketo import. Otherwise it's possible to end up with duplicate account entries, which may impact the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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