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Setting up Optimizely Experiments with FunnelEnvy Audience
Setting up Optimizely Experiments with FunnelEnvy Audience
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Setting up Optimizely Experiments with FunnelEnvy Audience

The FunnelEnvy platform has a native “sync” between FunnelEnvy Audiences and Optimizely Audiences. Once the integration between FunnelEnvy Platform and Optimizely is active users can easily create Optimizely experiments using the FunnelEnvy audiences.

If you are new to Optimizely, these Optimizely e-learning courses will take you through the essentials of Optimizely onboarding and help you set Optimizely experiments.

Here are the steps to create an Optimizely experiment using FunnelEnvy audience.

  • Step 1: Login into Optimizely and browse to the right Optimizely project

  • Step 2: Create a new experiment by providing experiment name and experiment URL

  • Step 3: Update the experiment with Optimizely visual editor or code editor. Below is an example of a simple experiment to change the headline of a page.

  • Step 4: Click on audience targeting

  • Step 5: Click on "Add a Saved Audience" and click add after choosing the right FunnelEnvy Audience from the list of saved audiences. The FunnelEnvy audiences will be automatically added to the saved audiences through native sync between FunnelEnvy platform and Optimizely. Refer to this document to learn more about Optimizely audiences.

  • Step 6: Start the experiment after you set the "Traffic Allocation", "URL Targeting" and the "Goals".

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