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Maintaining Static Lists from Smart Campaigns in Marketo
Maintaining Static Lists from Smart Campaigns in Marketo
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The FunnelEnvy Marketo integration currently relies on the ability to synchronize Static Lists into FunnelEnvy audiences. By using this method, you can leverage Marketo’s lead and query capabilities for personalized experiences.

Here are some suggested approaches:

  • Lead has been added / removed from an existing smart list

  • Leads created today

  • Leads created past 7 days

  • Leads created past 30 days

  • Leads created by a campaign

  • Leads by a specific revenue stage (eg: leads with an opportunity)

Static Lists are containers within Marketo that ‘house’ leads that have been assigned to that list. Unlike Smart Lists, Static Lists are not dynamic. Therefore, you will need to set up a campaign that controls when leads are added and removed from a Static List.

Smart Campaigns Example

In the following example we'll be creating two Smart Campaigns, one to add leads to a Static List and another to remove leads from the list. The campaigns will update the leads on a batch basis in the Static List based on another Smart List, however these campaigns can also contain triggered criteria.

Creating the Static List

In the program create a new local asset and select type List:

Creating a Smart Campaign to Add to List

Create a New Smart Campaign:

Open the smart list in the new campaign

Select the triggers Member Smart List and Member of List. For this campaign you want to filter on leads that are in the smart list but not in the static list

In the Flow Tab select Add to List and select the static list.

If you’re not using a triggered campaign schedule recurrence on the Smart Campaign

If you are using a triggered campaign remember to Activate it in the Schedule Tab:

Smart Campaign to Remove Leads from the List

Create a new smart campaign to remove leads from the list

Set the Smart List criteria to filter on leads who are in the smart list but not in the static list.

In the flow tab remove the lead from the list

Remember to schedule the recurrence from the Schedule tab.

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