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Configuring Optimizely X
Configuring Optimizely X
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Configuring Optimizely X

The following steps will allow you to sync your FunnelEnvy Audiences with Optimizely X.

First, log in and click on the “Integrations”:

Click on the “Optimizely” icon and enter your API credentials for Optimizely X and save. You'll need a Personal Token and your Optimizely Project ID:

Make sure the “Active” checkbox is saved before closing.

Obtaining Optimizely Credentials

The following section describes where to find the Personal Token and Project ID in Optiimzely X.

Personal Token

You can generate the API token by going to "Profile" on the left menu in Optimizely and then go to API Access -> Generate New Token

Project ID

You should find the Project ID in the Settings tab of the Optimizely Dashboard or the URL of your browser:

For the above example, the Project ID is 8276160560.

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