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Testing Marketo Audiences
Testing Marketo Audiences
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When you've created a new FunnelEnvy audience targeting leads in Marketo, you may want to test out your audience to make sure your leads in Marketo will be classified into your audience as expected. FunnelEnvy will typically look a user up in Marketo based on their Munchkin cookie, but you can force FunnelEnvy to treat you as if you were a specific lead in Marketo by providing a Marketo Lead ID.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Step 1: Find a lead in Marketo that matches your FunnelEnvy audience

  • Step 2: Open the lead details page and copy the 'leadId" field from the URL.

  • Step 3: Visit a Page on your site with the FunnelEnvy snippet on your site and add the following to the end of your URL

?MARKETO_IDNUM=##{{Marketo User ID}}

Replacing "##{{Marketo User ID}}" with the user ID from step 2, e.g.

  • Step 4: Check your FunnelEnvy dashboard to confirm your audience count has increased as expected.

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