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Personalization with Convert Experiments
Personalization with Convert Experiments
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FunnelEnvy audiences can be integrated with Convert Experiments (Convert) for testing and personalization of website experiences.


Sending FunnelEnvy Audiences to Convert involves the following steps:

  1. Enabling the Convert Experiment in FunnelEnvy

  2. Configuring a FunnelEnvy Audience with the appropriate custom tag information

  3. Setting up Advanced Audiences for targeting in Convert using the custom tags.

FunnelEnvy Configuration

If you have the Convert integration available in your FunnelEnvy account make sure that it's activated by going into your Integrations page (under Settings -> Integrations) and activating the integration.

Once you've activated the integration head over to an Audience. Under the 3rd Party Synchronizations section you will see a tab for Convert which will let you send your Audiences to Convert.

There are 4 custom tags available for use to send any custom text or number. This needs match the targeting conditions that you setup for your Convert experiments, as described in the step below.

Configuring Experiments in Convert

FunnelEnvy sends Audiences to Convert through the use of Convert page tags. Whatever you have set as your custom tag in the FunnelEnvy Destination will have to match the targeting rules in Convert. Within Convert you will use an Advanced Audience with the appropriate page tag, along the lines of the screenshot below.

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