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Configuring the Salesforce Integration
Configuring the Salesforce Integration
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Note: This article assumes that the Salesforce Audiences are part of your organization's plan.

With the FunnelEnvy Salesforce data source integration you can create conditions out of groups of Accounts, Contacts or Leads.

To be able to create conditions using Salesforce an Administrator will first need to configure the integration and data import.

Authorizing Salesforce

The FunnelEnvy platform uses the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework to connect to Salesforce in a secure manner which allows the platform to retrieve data without revealing user passwords or other credentials. The user that authorizes connection to Salesforce must have API and read permissions on the Account, Lead and Contact objects.

To get started, navigate to Settings -> Integrations and click on Salesforce. Check the "Active" checkbox and click on "Connect to Salesforce".

You will be redirected to Salesforce and prompted log in if not already. Click "Allow" to allow FunnelEnvy to access Salesforce using your user account.

If successful you should see the Authorization information when you reopen the Salesforce integration settings

Configuring Salesforce Data Import

Note: If your organization has information security or other requirements prohibiting fields from import to FunnelEnvy you should configure this under Settings -> Data Management -> Data Filtering prior to setting up data import from Salesforce.

FunnelEnvy allows you to setup and store SOQL queries to configure which objects will be retrieved from Salesforce. This allows for a lot of flexibility to allow conditions to be created from all accounts, leads and contacts or only a subset based on an attribute or associated object.

To setup which Accounts, Lead and Contacts will be imported open the Salesforce integration settings and click on the "Importing" tab.

To create a new query select "Create Query". Here you can create queries for either Accounts, Leads or Contacts. You can also test the query before saving it using the "Test Query" feature.

To retrieve the full list of objects in Salesforce leave the conditions field blank. Once you've imported from Salesforce, FunnelEnvy will automatically refresh your data every 48 hours.

When queries are created in FunnelEnvy a corresponding condition will be created which can be used in Audience rules.

Condition editor:

Audience rule using condition:

You can now use your Salesforce audience for targeting FunnelEnvy PRO campaigns!

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