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Audiences those are marked to Sync with Google Optimize on FunnelEnvy app, are sent to data layer and picked up by Google optimize as targeting condition to start its experiment.

On Google Optimize website, you need to set below targeting condition to start your experiment specifically targeted to audience user wants.


Inside targeting tab, change "Evaluate on" trigger from pre-selected "Page load" to "Custom event" and keep name of event as it is to "optimize.activate"

Datalayer variable:

Create a Data Layer variable that same as slug name of your audience.

Slug name of audience is displayed under "Google Optimize" 3rd party integration tab of FunnelEnvy app.

In above screen shot "circleKTest" is slug name for audience.

Same named Data Layer variable needs to be created on Google Optimize targeting variable as "Additional Condition", as shown below.

Set condition value of newly created variable equals 1, as shown above.

Your experiment when started will trigger based on audience classified from FunnelEnvy app now.

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