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Salesforce Integration: Technical Overview
Salesforce Integration: Technical Overview
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FunnelEnvy can retrieve Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity data from Salesforce (per the integration configuration) for use in Audiences, Goals and PRO campaigns. The Import service runs on a scheduled basis and uses the Salesforce Bulk API which processes asynchronously and is expressly designed for large data transfers with a high limit.

The import worker is secured through a private VPN and all data imported is processed by data filtering, authentication and validation services before being loaded into our high performance persistence stores.

Import Worker Schedule

By default the FunnelEnvy Salesforce import worker runs once per day at a predetermined time. This interval may be configured on a per-organization basis based on business requirements.

Salesforce Bulk API

FunnelEnvy utilizes the Salesforce Bulk API to retrieve Salesorce objects. The Salesforce Bulk API is intended for working with large data sets with minimal impact on API limits as requests are sent to Salesforce as batches to be processed asynchronously in the background. FunnelEnvy further limits the API impact by only fetching changes since the last retrieval by using the SystemModstamp attribute.

Although the Bulk API supports loading and deleting data sets FunnelEnvy only queries objects using the Bulk Query call.

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