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Creating a FunnelEnvy Visual Campaign
Creating a FunnelEnvy Visual Campaign

How to create and start a FunnelEnvy PRO visual website campaign.

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Visual campaigns run in Javascript through the FunnelEnvy client side snippet, and can be manipulated by both technical and non technical users through the FunnelEnvy Visual Page Editor extension for Google Chrome.

Before creating a campaign please install the FunnelEnvy Visual Page Editor extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Creating the Campaign

To create the campaign click on the new campaign button from the main campaigns screen, and select "Visual Campaign".

On the next screen you will be prompted to enter basic campaign details:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Page Targeting

  • Preview URL

Once these have been entered you can save the campaign by clicking on the "Save" button. The campaign will be created in "Draft" mode.

Campaign Settings

The "Status" section of the campaign settings displays the campaigns current state and allows you to take campaign actions which include:

  • Starting a draft campaign

  • Running / Pausing a campaign

  • Resetting results

  • Ending a campaign

The section includes all of the campaign settings:

  • Basic Details (name & description)

  • Conversion Goals

  • Targeting Criteria (page & audience)

  • Settings including holdback percentage and mode

  • Advanced (campaign Javascript & CSS)

Creating and Editing Variations

Variations are listed at the bottom of the campaign screen. By default when a campaign is created a "Baseline Variation" is added, which can not be removed or edited.

To add a variation click on the New Variation button above the variation list.

From here you can edit the variation details. If the FunnelEnvy Visual Page Editor extension is installed you can click on "Update Variation" to open the visual editor to the preview URL and make any changes on the page. 

Preview variation opens a preview of the variation as it would appear to a website visitor. The URL for this preview may be shared for review and QA purposes.

Starting Campaigns and Campaign Status

Campaigns have the following statuses

  • Draft - All campaigns are in Draft status when initially created and are not serving variations

  • Running - When a Draft campaign is started it's status is changed to 'Running' and it is serving variations to visitors

  • Paused - Running campaigns may be paused at any time and will stop serving variations when paused. Paused campaigns may be resumed.

  • Ended  - Campaigns that have been ended may not be restarted.

  • Archived - Archived campaigns will be removed from the FunnelEnvy snippet.

Resetting Campaign Results

Periodically it may be necessary to reset campaign results by clicking the "Reset Results" button from the campaign settings. This will reset the reports to the time that the campaign was reset.

Changes to holdback percentage or holdback mode will force a campaign reset.

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