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Sending Campaign & Variation Data to Bizible
Sending Campaign & Variation Data to Bizible

FunnelEnvy can send Bizible campaign and variation data for Salesforce reporting and revenue attribution.

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Bizible helps marketers report on the revenue impact of marketing activities and channels. Using this integration you can send FunnelEnvy PRO campaign and variation information to Bizible using their custom website events feature.

For this integration we recommend using Google Tag Manager (GTM) as it simplifies consuming the FunnelEnvy data layer events and distribution to platforms like Bizible.

Sending the Active Campaign & Variation Names to Bizible

Follow the steps below to send the campaign & variation names to Bizible via a custom website event.

  1. Create a variable in GTM with type Data Layer Variable  using the Data Layer Variable Name

  2. Create a variable in GTM with type Data Layer Variable  using the Data Layer Variable Name

3. Create a trigger in GTM with type Custom Event  using the Event Name backstage.activeVariation .

4. Create a new Custom HTML tag in GTM "Send FunnelEnvy Active Campaign Data to Bizible" with the following code. Note that this assumes that the Bizible Javascript is running on all pages where this tag is deployed.

Note: Replace ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_VARIABLE_NAME and ACTIVE_VARIATION_VARIABLE_NAME with the variables names you used in steps 1 & 2.

  window['Bizible'] = window['Bizible'] || { _queue: [], Push: function (o, p) { this._queue.push({ type: o, data: p }); } };
    var reportData = {};
    reportData['FE_campaign_name'] = {{ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_VARIABLE_NAME}};
    reportData['FE_variation_name'] = {{ACTIVE_VARIATION_VARIABLE_NAME}};
    Bizible.Push('Event', reportData);

5. Test and publish the GTM container with these changes

That's it! The data is sent in real time so you should see FunnelEnvy campaign and variation data populating in Bizible and Salesforce.

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