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Google Tag Manager Integration
Google Tag Manager Integration

Integrate FunnelEnvy with GTM through data layer events.

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The FunnelEnvy platform natively sends audience, campaign and related data and events into the browser data layer, which is then accessible by tag management solutions like Google Tag Manager.

Within Google Tag Manager you can then create Data Layer Variables and Triggers based on the events and data sent by FunnelEnvy to integrate into Tags.

Google Tag Manager Variable Configuration

Google Tag Manager Trigger Configuration

For a complete list of events fired by the FunnelEnvy javascript snippet, please refer to this knowledge base article. More information on the Data Layer can be found on the Google Tag Manager Developer Guide.

Example: Triggering on Audience Classification

A common example might be to fire a tag when a visitor is a member of a particular audience. To do this you will want to use the backstage.updatedAudiences event which is fired when audience classification occurs.

For reference the data structure payload for this event looks like:

You can use the field backstage.<Audience URL>.member field to check if the current visitor is in an audience:

Then you can create a trigger for the funnelenvy.updatedAudiences event that will only fire if backstage.<Audience URL>.member is true:

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