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Configuring the Marketo Data Source
Configuring the Marketo Data Source
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FunnelEnvy's Marketo integration allows you to import leads for use in audiences and actions.

Once you have a FunnelEnvy platform account, log in and click on the “Integrations” menu item and the "Data Source" tab. Here you will see the "Marketo" integration:

Step 1: Authentication

When you open the Marketo data source integration you'll be prompted to enter your Authorization credentials, which include "API Host", "Client ID" and "Client Secret".

Activate the Marketo Source Integration using the switch at the top.

You can locate the appropriate credentials in Marketo per the instructions below. Once they're entered, click on "Next" to proceed to Data Import.

Obtaining Marketo Credentials

The following sections describe where to find the API credentials and settings in Marketo.

API Host ( Web Service | REST API | Endpoint )

To locate this value, the API Host in Marketo under the "Admin" section. Click on "Web Services" on the left navigation (under "Integration"). In the "REST API" section you should see a field called "Endpoint".

Client Id ( NOT the SOAP API | User ID )

Note: This is not equivalent to the SOAP API User ID.

Follow the section “How to Generate an Authentication Token” in the following guide.

Load the Account page by clicking your account name, and then “My Account”.

Navigate via the sidebar Admin > Integrations > Service.

The Client Id is located in the popup when clicking “Details” of your chosen API user.

Client Secret

Like the Client Id, the Client Secret is located in the popup when clicking “Details” of your chosen API user.

Step 2: Data Import

You may import specific lists in Marketo using the checkboxes. Once you save the integration is configured and FunnelEnvy will import data from Marketo on a scheduled basis.

Click on "Save" to complete Marketo setup and data import.

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