Note: This article assumes a static list has been created which is automatically populated with leads (e.g. MQLs). For information on how to populate a static list automatically please see the following knowledge bases article: 

Creating the Web Hook

Click on the Admin tab then select Webhooks from under the Integrations option.

Click on New Webhook in the top menu.

Fill out the form. You must make it a GET request and the URL must be as follows:{{system.munchkinId:default=null}}&leadId={{lead.Id:default=null}}

Note: The following values must be replaced in the URL above. Please contact your account manager for these values.

  • ORGANIZATION_ID - Your FunnelEnvy organization id. 
  • GOAL_ID - The goal id.

Click “Save” and you are done.

Creating the Smart Campaign

Navigate to your My Marketo instance and select “Marketing Activities” from the main menu.

Hover over “New” in the top menu then select New Smart Campaign 

Fill out the New Smart Campaign details with helpful identifying information

Upon submitting this form, you will be taken to a main page for your Smart Campaign. 

You will need to provide a Smart List for conversions to trigger. Go ahead and click the “1. Smart List - ‘Who’” link.

When a lead is added to a list, FunnelEnvy considers that lead converted. Typically this list be the MQL list in your Lead Database, in which case you select the “Added to List” trigger under Triggers -> Social on the right side. Click and drag this menu item into the center of the page, and select the MQL list.

Feel free to add or edit any additional constraints or filters that are appropriate. This will Auto-Save, so you can move on to Flow which will have a similar looking UI. Here you will add the web-hook trigger for FunnelEnvy. On the right side, you will scroll to the bottom and select Call Webhook under Integration. 

Click and Drag this item into the center, and select the web-hook you created previously.

Next we can move to Schedule to activate a recurring updates to FunnelEnvy

Click Activate and wait until the loading bar completes...

That’s it you’re done! 🎉 

FunnelEnvy will now receive updates from Marketo the moment a lead is moved to the MQL list.

If you would like to see which leads have been sent over to FunnelEnvy at any time, you can click the “View Campaign Members” menu item in the top bar.

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